Jewellery Tour in Dubai Mall

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In November 2008 the Dubai Mall located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates opened to be the world’s largest shopping mall with 1,200 stores of which 220 make up Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk, a wall to wall display of gold and jewelry outlets. 


Dubai known as The City of Gold has many “souks” or street markets ranging from perfumes, electronics, aromatic spices textiles, and the famous Gold Souk.


The Dubai Mall, one of 40 other shopping malls in Dubai, has a mall version of the gold souk found in the street market. A list of all the jewellery stores in Dubai mall can be viewed at

To spark tourism in 1996, The Dubai Shopping Festival was initiated and it takes place every year for approximately a month. The Shopping festival or “Layali Dubai” was held from January 15th 2009 to February 15th 2009 and every year it draws people from around the globe. During the festival there is great celebration and many of the retail outlets participate offering cultural and entertainment promotions and discounts. Hotels offer special packages during this season
The Fairmont Dubai is a great place to stay to catch the centre of Dubai’s Shopping Festival extravaganza 

Fairmont Dubai P.O. Box 97555, Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai, United Arab Emirates TOLL FREE: 1(888) 363-5055 International Numbers TEL (971) 4-332-5555 E-MAIL

Azza Fahmy Jewellery from Egypt

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Azza Fahmy, a native of Cairo has carved a significant dimension to jewelry in Egypt for the last three decades.
Azza Fahmy’s engagement with jewellery making began with her apprenticeship in Kahn El Kahlili where she learned jewellery making under the supervision of skilled mastercraftsmen. Having a Degree in Applied Arts it gave her the foundation for the historic and cultural architectural designs she would combine in the art of an unique expression of jewelry making. Azza Fahmy went on for further studies to the City of London’s Polytechnic School where theoretical beads of jewellery making would be cast upon her creations as a signature to her works. With this knowledge she went back to Cairo and set up a workshop where she started to manufacture her products. Her journey with intensive research into culture and life as she had been exposed to as a child in Egypt became her expression and outlet. Immersed in the poems of the poet Salah Jahin, a window of light inspired her with a new direction of engraving poetic verses into the works of bracelets, rings and necklaces. This brought a rare and unique fascination


to the love of jewellery encompassing the passion of the land, culture, history, and thought inscribed into metal strung with beads which ornamented one’s physical body. There was something spiritual, something of the past that bonded the present to the future all joined by the beauty of ornamentation mixing silver and gold providing a significance to ones existence as not just a physical being but as part of the whole universe.


Azza Fahmy’s creations brought Egyptian culture as part of haute couture in the international arena and her works were recognized as Egypt’s first designer label and as a leading jewelry designer in the Arab world.azza-macdonald

To wear a piece of Azza Fahmy is like wearing the treasures of travels and adjoining lessons learned to make a meaniningful sense of our journey in life.
When travelling to Egypt you will find many Azza Fahmy boutiques in Cairo. One such boutique in Beymen is situated in The Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo’s Nile Plaza, a perfect place to stay to get a glimpse of Azza Fahmy’s jewellery as well as central spot for touring around Cairo.


The Four Seasons located at 1089 Corniche El Nil, P.O. Box 63 Maglis El Shaab, Garden City 11519, Cairo, Egypt Tel. 20 (2) 2791-7000 Fax. 20 (2) 2791-6900

Tanishq Premier Jewellery Brand of India

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Jewellery in India is reflective of a tradition and culture rich in artistic and skilled craftsmanship. As far back as 1500 B.C the Indus Valley Civilization was known to have manufactured gold jewellery in the form of necklaces and earrings and beaded necklaces with metallic bangles. Historically this love for jewellery remains strong and the Indian market exports worldwide, as well as continues to fulfil its consumer demand for gold, diamond and gemstones.With increasing consumerism, economic growth and an estimated luxury market of a hundred million, the passion for jewellery has endured with an emerging public demand for quality brands. One such brand which came to India’s jewellery horizon in 1995 is Tanishq, distinguished as being the most prominent, largest and fastest growing premier brand of jewellery in modern India. tanishq

The concept at Tanishq ( as “Revitaliser of Tradition” has been the signature of its newer concept stores across India. The theme has been to sustain the immortal art of jewellery making from traditional india to mesh into the present purity and simplicity of modern designs.


The artistic and special architectural work characterizing magnificent wonders such as the Taj Mahal has inspired the detailing in the construction of the Tanishq stores in the North. For the tourist this gives an incredible ambiance of not just jewellery shopping but combines with it a feel for India.

Tanishq has stores located all across India.

In the eastern part of India, Tanishq has three stores in Kolkata. In the western regions, Tanishq has three stores in Mumbai and another three in the South in Chennai.
In the North , Tanishq has 6 stores in New Delhi, 1 in Delhi, stores in Varanasi, Srinagar, Saharanpur, Noida, Mohani, Meerut, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Karnal, Kanpur, Jodhpur, Jhansi, Jalanhar, Jaipur, Hissar, Haridwar, Gurgagon, Gorakhpur,Ghazibad, Faridabad,Dehradun, Chandigargh, Amritsar, Aligargh and Allahabad.

If you are planning to see the Taj Mahal in Agra , Tanishq has a store located at Sanjay Place alongside government emporiums ideal for shopping.
There are many hotels in Agra, one in particular, the Oberoi Amarvilas is 600 meters from the Taj Mahal.


All the rooms including the suites, lobby , the bar and lounge have a glimpse of the Taj Mahal in the background.The foreground embellished with fountains, pools, pavilions brings one back to the rich picturesque glory of the Royal era.

The Oberoi Amarvilas is equipped with spas , therapies and a choice of international as well as Indian cuisine
To make reservations with any of the Oberoi hotels contact

Italian Jewelry Tour

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Venice Italian jewelers have been noted for their excellence in craftsmanship and design. To highlight Italian Jewelers  one must mention a remarkable Italian jeweler who started in 1967 a family run business is Giuseppe Picchiotti. The Picchiotti jewelry enterprise first opened in Valenza, Italy. Since then , Picchiotti’s italian jewelers   designs are internationally known for its classic timeless beauty combining traditional and modern day sophistication. Today there are Picchiotti retail partners worldwide and is known as  premier italian jewelers . To contact Picchiotti visit or call worldwide 39-0131-95 30 81


Another inspiring Italian jewelry icon is Tagliamonte goldsmith company which is famous for manufacturing the Venetian Cameo and Intaglio jewellery. The Tagliomonte company was established in 1943 in Naples and then later moved to Vicenza, the city of gold and has survived for over for over three generations.
Tagliamonte revived the ancient tradition of Roman Venetian cameos using glass pastes with engravings in combination with gold, and stones. To contact Tagliamonte visit or phone +39 0444 542850
edwardian-tagliamontePRODUCTS FROM Tagliamonte

trecciaverttagliamonte is a leather factory having its own leather and jewellery retail stores in Florence , Italy. It was established in 1972 and produces leather goods such as coats, handbags, accessories like gloves, golf bags, men and women’s clothing as well as jewelry in 18k gold. Pierotucci is considered as the leading producer of leather goods in Italy. Famous brands such as Hugo Boss and Bally have had leather goods produced by Pierotucci.
There is a complimentary shuttle service which picks you up and provides you with a tour of the leather factory. Located in Bagno a Ripoli , 10 minutes away from the historic city of Florence. Contact Pierotucci byPhone +39055643058








gold-necklace is is an organization which brands tourism in Italy and worldwide without the “middle man”, known as disintermediation network. Nozio liason between hotels and travelers increases direct sales for hotels and lowers commission costs by doing direct marketing with travelers promoting sustainable tourism. Nozio member hotels can be used if you would like to organize a jewelry tourism trip in Italy.

Nozio memmber hotels such as the Ianua hotel can be stayed at while visiting the Picchiotti jewelery enterprise in Valenza. ianua-hotel-valenza

The Villa Omni Resort in Bagno a Ripoli to visit the Pierotucci Leather factory and jewellery outlet


and the Aries Hotel to visit Tagliomonte Company in Vicenza. Contact +39.041.5322900 to organize a jewelry tour in Italy.


Jewellery Tour In Brazil

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The Ipanema section of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is famous for the glitter and sparkle of jewellery stores. Mesmerizing eye candies are the gems indigenous to Brazil such as the world’s most beautiful emeralds, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline and topaz in an indefinite array of colours. With production costs low and the availability of cheap labour, buying a piece of jewellery in Rio gives the consumer a saving, great selection, as well as the advantage of buying from the source while at the same time the delights of being at the primary tourist destination of Brazil.

Amsterdam Sauer is an internationally reputable jewellery store in Rio. Founded in 1941 by Jules Sauer now has over 47 stores worldwide. Amsterdam Sauer has received multiple De Beers design awards as the products are set in one of a kind, original breath taking settings.
Sauer has been noted to bring the Brazilian emerald to the international forefront and has been recognized by the Geological Institute of America.
Products of Amsterdam Sauer

His passion for coloured gemstones has inspired him to author many books educating the consumer about Brazilian gems . He owns and operates many mines such as amethyst, mica and tourmaline mines and started the Amsterdam Sauer Museum in 1989. For the tourist visiting the Ipanema section of Rio, a visit to the Sauer Museum reveals Sauer’s private collection of over 3000 rough stones.
Contact Amsterdam Sauer in Ipanema (
R. Visc. de Pirajá, 484 parte
Tel: (0-XX-21) 2279-6237/6241/6248/6264
CEP: 22.410-002 Rio de Janeiro RJ

 Ansterdam Sauer Museum of Rare Minerals and Precious Stones is one of Brazil’s tourists attractions.


 While staying in Rio, the Hotel Caesar Park Ipanema is an ideal location to absorb the delights of Brazil’s beaches and shopping sections in Ipanema.



Contact the 5 star Hotel Caesar Park Ipanema
Avenida Vieira Souto 460 Ipanema –
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
To call the Hotel’s concierge and guest rooms, dial:
+(55) (21) 2525-2525

Visit Flame Opals in Australia and stay at Shangria-La Hotel

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If you are traveling to Australia you probably want a piece of opal, Australia’s national gemstone. Producing over 90 % of the world’s opal, Australia has four main areas where opal is mined. In Sydney near Circular Quay and the Opera House opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art, a store which has the finest opals and has been there since 1973 is Flame Opals. As a member of the Australian Opal and Gem Industry Association, Flame Opals is certainly a reputable place to shop for opals. Opal mining in Australia is in four main areas, namely, Quilpie in Western Queensland, Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Coober Pedy in South Australia and Mintabie in South Australia. At Flame Oplas you can buy loose opals from any of these mines or buy designer opal jewellery fashioned by leading  jewellery designers in Australia.





Flame Opals is situated at 119 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW Australia


Ph: 61 2 9247 3446
Fax: 61 2 9251 6637

While visiting Flame Opals, a convenient place to stay is the Shangri La Hotel in Sydney which offers world class 5 star hotel accommodation in the heart of Sydney’s premier tourist section.


Situated at 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

Jewellery Tourism

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Global Jewellery Tourism is an advertising and marketing venue for merchants, retail components of mining companies and individual jewellery designers to showcase their current new products and branding for both the virtual tourist as well as the real world traveler. It is a portal to enable , operationalize and  promote sustainable tourism. By promoting tourism tailored with jewellery needs of the tourist, there is a low impact on the environment and local culture. The goal is to generate local income, employment and to conserve the cultural heritage of the region by showcasing the indigenous works of jewellery making. Sustainable jewellery tourism is responsible in its goal to be ecologically and culturally sensitive.

The objective of the site is to promote advertising and marketing pertinent to the global jewellery industry in collaboration with the tourism industry by merging both these industries offering qualitative benefits to the virtual and real world tourist.

Via advertising and marketing promotions the jewellery industry can attract the virtual tourist to directly contact jewellery product sources and overcome geographical constraints. By merging both tourism and jewellery together on one site, manages the congregation of jewellery and tourism related information to be available to the consumer in one spot on the Internet. can be conceptualized as an operative airport or meeting ground for all passengers virtual as well as real world travelers to seek and compare various jewellery sources globally thus offering them the ticket to combine leisure with business activities. The objective is also to merge the cultural and historic aspects of jewellery and tourism providing a knowledge base for the traveler. Each country has jewellery particular to a certain geographic , ethnic, or historic aspect of the land and the jewellery stores that best represent these aspects enhances tourism as well as an understanding of the artistic and cultural foundations of the country. is a global advertising and marketing venue for joint ventures of the jewellery and tourism industry providing packages by directing and promoting traffic from both the internet population as well as real world tourism population to specific jewellery sites and activities such as trade shows.

For the many geographical regions of the world that are currently engaged in jewellery explorative mining projects such as in the Artic, opens advertising and marketing opportunities promoting tourism to such frontiers of jewelry exploration sites and purchasing jewellery commodities from these mining retail outlets . as a highly efficient search engine optimized site, opens the international jewellery marketplace to be available in one spot on the internet making it profitable for both jewellery and the tourism industry to advertise on thus maximizing their potential to reach beyond traditional billboard and real world magazine advertising. Online advertising on would be profitable for both these industries as it expands the target audience for both these industries and at the same time has the potential to increase online as well as real world traffic for both the industries globally and not just regionally.