Visit Flame Opals in Australia and stay at Shangria-La Hotel

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If you are traveling to Australia you probably want a piece of opal, Australia’s national gemstone. Producing over 90 % of the world’s opal, Australia has four main areas where opal is mined. In Sydney near Circular Quay and the Opera House opposite the Museum of Contemporary Art, a store which has the finest opals and has been there since 1973 is Flame Opals. As a member of the Australian Opal and Gem Industry Association, Flame Opals is certainly a reputable place to shop for opals. Opal mining in Australia is in four main areas, namely, Quilpie in Western Queensland, Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Coober Pedy in South Australia and Mintabie in South Australia. At Flame Oplas you can buy loose opals from any of these mines or buy designer opal jewellery fashioned by leading  jewellery designers in Australia.





Flame Opals is situated at 119 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW Australia


Ph: 61 2 9247 3446
Fax: 61 2 9251 6637

While visiting Flame Opals, a convenient place to stay is the Shangri La Hotel in Sydney which offers world class 5 star hotel accommodation in the heart of Sydney’s premier tourist section.


Situated at 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

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