Azza Fahmy Jewellery from Egypt

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Azza Fahmy, a native of Cairo has carved a significant dimension to jewelry in Egypt for the last three decades.
Azza Fahmy’s engagement with jewellery making began with her apprenticeship in Kahn El Kahlili where she learned jewellery making under the supervision of skilled mastercraftsmen. Having a Degree in Applied Arts it gave her the foundation for the historic and cultural architectural designs she would combine in the art of an unique expression of jewelry making. Azza Fahmy went on for further studies to the City of London’s Polytechnic School where theoretical beads of jewellery making would be cast upon her creations as a signature to her works. With this knowledge she went back to Cairo and set up a workshop where she started to manufacture her products. Her journey with intensive research into culture and life as she had been exposed to as a child in Egypt became her expression and outlet. Immersed in the poems of the poet Salah Jahin, a window of light inspired her with a new direction of engraving poetic verses into the works of bracelets, rings and necklaces. This brought a rare and unique fascination


to the love of jewellery encompassing the passion of the land, culture, history, and thought inscribed into metal strung with beads which ornamented one’s physical body. There was something spiritual, something of the past that bonded the present to the future all joined by the beauty of ornamentation mixing silver and gold providing a significance to ones existence as not just a physical being but as part of the whole universe.


Azza Fahmy’s creations brought Egyptian culture as part of haute couture in the international arena and her works were recognized as Egypt’s first designer label and as a leading jewelry designer in the Arab world.azza-macdonald

To wear a piece of Azza Fahmy is like wearing the treasures of travels and adjoining lessons learned to make a meaniningful sense of our journey in life.
When travelling to Egypt you will find many Azza Fahmy boutiques in Cairo. One such boutique in Beymen is situated in The Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo’s Nile Plaza, a perfect place to stay to get a glimpse of Azza Fahmy’s jewellery as well as central spot for touring around Cairo.


The Four Seasons located at 1089 Corniche El Nil, P.O. Box 63 Maglis El Shaab, Garden City 11519, Cairo, Egypt Tel. 20 (2) 2791-7000 Fax. 20 (2) 2791-6900